Elder Music Fun!...

     All my work is dedicated to improving life through music and residents and the majority of my work is dedicated to retirement and continuing care community live performances. I perform one hour shows, small group music sessions and I stroll while singing for many regular clients. These live music shows are done via Zoom, outside, or eventually, back to in-person.

    "We have a good time and my friends at CCRCs are really good at it because they have been having fun longer than anyone!"

    We have a great rapport, and as a trained vocalist and guitarist with a music degree and experience in many genres, I have a large repertoire.  I deliver upbeat interactive shows weaving familiar songs, standards, and songs from the Great American Songbook.      Themes:  Songs of Sunshine, Holiday Songs, Patriotic Tunes, Travel and Comin' Home,  Jazz Standards, Love Songs, Irish Songs, Old Country, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, and Singalongs.

     For some clients, I stroll with guitar while singing, make room visits, or do small group music sessions with percussion instruments, in addition to 1 hour performances.  Playing guitar is very flexible.

     In many communities, people get to know me and I love the way their faces light up when they see me because I am a familiar face visiting them to bring something that makes them happy... Music!

    Shows always include tunes people can sing along to and are adaptable to the audience because what is most important is that residents have a good time!" 

     Amy Dee

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Virtual Visits.  215-514-0971

For resident's enjoyment, many of whom already know Amy Dee, though they’ve been known to call her “The Music Lady” and “The Lady with the Hat!”

This  year, Amy Dee can “Zoom into your Room.” Music with Amy Dee is an Active or Passive Music Experience Online.  Folks can interact, sing along, clap their hands, and communicate through the music.

How:     Engage residents in regularly scheduled interactive Virtual Music sessions. Using Zoom reaching individual rooms via laptops, Ipads, or smartphones. Similar to Amy Dee’s regular strolling visits, the music can be flexible and tailored based on conversations or seasonality.  Alternately, a Zoom concert can be done and broadcast to any devices, just like virtual family visits with multiple members.

Why:     An alternative to boredom… Music visits can promote relaxation and stimulate social skills, cognitive functions, motor skills, emotional development, and overall quality of life.

When:  Anytime.  Let's schedule some December holiday music. Scheduling is entirely up to your Community,  for example, weekday afternoons. 

Background:  Amy Duckett Wagner, known as Amy Dee by residents, has provided music strolling visits and musical entertainment for many years.   She is a trained vocalist, guitarist with a Music Degree and a large repertoire delivering upbeat interactive music programs with elders in area continuing care communities.  

Future:  Meaningful direct connections with and among individuals are possible one-on-one or in small groups of elders through the Musical Memories program.  It is flexible and can be altered as changes arise.  Our treasured residents are wise with experience, stories, and can inform, influence, and grow this interactive work.

Contact:   Amy Duckett Wagner, (215)514-0971, amyduckettwagner@gmail.com