SEnd me Photos for the BLOG....

Upstaged by a Leprechaun...

When I performed at Delaney's, my new friend Willy was at the bar right in front of me. He was a quiet gent, and between songs, I had to give him credit for being patient for dozens of what I called "Elfie Selfies" because people kept asking to have their pic taken with him!

Greenwich Village - Sittin' In w/Friends

On a sunny spring day, thanks to Peter Ecklund's post on Facebook, friends had lunch at the classic Greenwich Village Bistro yesterday, and I sat in and sang a few with the band. Thinking of upcoming St. Patty's Day gigs, I sang "I'm Lookin' Over a Four Leaf Clover" and promptly had a great corned beef sandwich.

Peru's Sacred Valley Tour, January

January was filled with artistic and spiritual inspiration! Much hiking and meditation was a nice balance to performing and presenting at an International Church Conference in the Sacred Valley Region at Royal Inka Hotel in Pisac, Peru. Ask me about it!

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