SEnd me Photos for the BLOG....

48 Hours with Essra Mohawk...

Funny thing happened the day I drove back from Nashville. Got a call from Jody King to learn that my friend Essra Mohawk was flying in from Nashville the next day. We laughed that she should have rode with me, but my car was so full of instruments and a ridesharer, I couldn't have taken her along. Essra was in town for a show and Q&A about her stories from the 60's and 70's music scene including being in Frank Zappa's band: The Mothers of Invention. But, we got to spend time together and she offered me a song of hers to record. It's called "Hopeless Romantic." To quote another friend, "I am a sucker for a good ole waltz."

Southern Hospitality

Oh my. Just returned to a beautiful Indian Summer in Philly after 10 days travel. I was lucky enough to be a part of the Black Pot Music Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana and the 5 day music camp preceding it. Visit my Facebook Page for awesome photos of the music, dance, cuisine and culture of Southwest Louisiana, not to mention the beautiful fall foliage and stops to experience the great music scenes in Asheville, North Carolina, New Orleans and Nashville, Tennessee.

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